Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beyonce goes Dutch!


Did you got an eye on the white-super-hot-mini-dress Beyonce wore for the American Super Bowl conference? Well....that piece of art comes from Olcay Gulsen's exclusive collection. The Dutch designer is also the owner of the SuperTrash brand. 

This is so huge! I congratulate Olcay and her team on this achievement. Apart from the wonderful collections, Olcay Gulsen is such a role model for the minority women on this country. A woman who build her own empire from the ground zero (I call it Oprah Winfrey Syndrome). I admire her capacity and entrepreneurship on the business world. 

She is the perfect example for women like me with another background to stand on our feet and not let our head down. Pay no attention whatever label people would like to attach you. Believe in yourself no matter what and God help us, work hard for it!!!

Olcay my are officially living the American dream and you deserve it! Bravo!!!

Now the dress...and Beyonce outstanding performance!

PS. On another front, my excuses for being away from the blog world. I'm working on building my own empire....which is called "busy life". Trying to find a balance it's already an art itself.  So to all my readers, please be patient with me. Sending you love!


  1. Gorgeous indeed.
    Happy weekend to you too.

  2. Breathtaking in every way. The dress is perfect in it's sexy simplicity and Beyonce is beyond gorgeous!! Plus she's talented?!! Love it. I'd love to know more about the designer. Looks like Google is in my future. I hope life is treating you well!! XXOO

    1. Hi Jean,

      Olcay Gulsen is for sure worth a try! Have a nice Sunday!